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Will hydrogen change your future? Part 1: Hydrogen basics for the next generation

"I am not sure about how hydrogen works; I have heard about it a lot in school. But what I do know is that I am really interested about it and that is seems like a good solution for the environment and for our future." Nicholas, 9 years old, is wondering. In this episode, Michel Krenzer, Global Leader-Onshore Energy at SCOR P&C, will help us and Nicholas understand the basics of Hydrogen: its origin, its features, its production methods, and how this energy could be greener. Michel Krenzer has over 25 years experience in the insurance sector. After working for Foster Wheeler in Paris as a Chemical Engineer, he joined UAP Large Corporate Risks as a Loss Prevention Engineer. He then moved to Oil & Gas underwriting at Sorema in 1995. He moved to London in 1999 to start up a facultative branch office for Sorema before joining SCOR in 2001. He started at SCOR UK as Senior Energy Underwriter and has had various managerial positions within the Large Corporate Risks division of SCOR Global P&C. He was appointed Onshore Energy Manager for Paris and London offices in 2009 and was appointed Global Leader - Onshore Energy in 2018.

Cyber Insurance is growing up: a look at a changing landscape

The Cyber Insurance market is maturing before our eyes: pricing becomes more accurate as more data comes in, and overall structures move towards more sustainable models. Threats continue to grow and the product is more relevant than ever before, but how to balance the needs of insured, brokers and underwriters and reach common-good solutions? Let’s deep dive into this episode hosted by Margaret Rose and Adriana Garcia. Margaret is based in NYC. She began her career with SCOR as an underwriter for Professional Liability and Cyber in 2016. Previously, she worked as an underwriter for Axis and Tokyo Marine. She has also an MBA in Finance, from the New York University. Adriana is an Assistant Vice President and Senior Underwriter on the Financial Lines team. She started with SCOR in May and is based in the Chicago office. She handles a broad range of risks including Cyber, Technology E&O, and Professional Liability . Adriana joined from AXIS Capital, where she handled large complex risks on the Global Tech & Cyber team. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. If you are interested in these Cyber topics or if you want to have an introduction of main concepts, please check out our Liability focus episode “Cyber (re)insurance in the US: a market in transition” Bill Kaplan and Margaret Rose share their views on insurance and reinsurance cyber markets in the US.

The refinery of the future

Like never before in their histories, petroleum companies and refineries are facing major challenges, but they are also facing opportunities. On the one hand, demand for oil and its derivatives is predicted to grow further over the coming years, before dropping due to the energy transition, while oil products, will still play a major role in the energy consumption mix for decades. On the other hand, refineries are carbon-intensive and the use of refining products produces large quantities of CO2. In the meantime, digitalisation and smart technologies are transforming our daily lives, and industrial applications are constantly being developed, adding another challenging transformation for refineries. Refineries are responding to these disruptions by innovating. Onshore energy insurers are adapting too, to be able to support their clients. DISCOVER OUR TECHNICAL NEWSLETTER ABOUT THE REFINERY OF THE FUTURE Today our guest, Michel Krenzer has over 25 years experience in the insurance sector. After working for Foster Wheeler in Paris as a Chemical Engineer, he joined UAP Large Corporate Risks as a Loss Prevention Engineer. He then moved to Oil & Gas underwriting at Sorema in 1995. He moved to London in 1999 to start up a facultative branch office for Sorema before joining SCOR in 2001. He started at SCOR UK as Senior Energy Underwriter and has had various managerial positions within the Large Corporate Risks division of SCOR Global P&C. He was appointed Onshore Energy Manager for Paris and London offices in 2009 and was appointed Global Leader - Onshore Leader in 2018.

Claims Innovation with Snapsheet CEO Brad Weisberg

Will Bird (AVP & Senior Associate, SCOR P&C Ventures) and Amy Parker (VP, Americas Treaty Claims) discuss ways that SCOR Global P&C is partnering with insurtechs to address claims pain points among its carrier client base, then chat with Brad Weisberg, CEO of Snapsheet, about Snapsheet’s origins and suite of claims software for insurers, including an end-to-end claims management platform, digital payments platform, and motor virtual appraisal offering. • Brad Weisberg is the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board at Snapsheet. He founded Snapsheet in 2011 and has led the company through multiple hyper-growth stages. He is also a champion for the Chicago tech community and regularly mentors leaders at emerging tech companies. • Will Bird is an Assistant Vice President & Senior Associate, SCOR P&C Ventures, based in Chicago. Will focuses primarily on insurtech investment & partnership opportunities in the Americas. His previous experience includes corporate venture capital and strategy at a leading U.S. personal lines insurer. • Amy Parker is Vice President of Americas Treaty Claims based in Chicago. Her areas of responsibility include global claims client management initiatives and engagement with SCOR P&C Ventures. Her previous experience includes 20+ years in Claims & Liability Management at leading (re)insurance organizations.

Democratizing access to mental healthcare with ifeel

A study from Oxford University found that mental illnesses can reduce life expectancy by up to 20 years, which is the equivalent of heavy smoking. In the life and health insurance industry, mental health has been placed as a high priority on the agendas of all players. In this episode, we talk to Pilar Santamaria, SCOR Head of Western Europe and LatAm and Amir Kaplan, CEO of ifeel, on why both companies are joining forces in the mental healthcare space to innovate together in Iberia. Ifeel is a Madrid based startup focused on democratizing access to mental healthcare. Their approach is fully aligned with SCOR Global Life’s purpose of helping people to live longer and healthier lives. For SCOR, this is a unique opportunity to work closely with a company that has a distinguished value proposition which complements our business and our client’s activities. The ifeel platform and related app provides users with peace of mind by offering a convenient solution to the pressing issue of mental illness that has been accelerated by the pandemic. Mental health problems are among the ten leading causes of disability in both developed and developing countries.

Smart grid in the US: to reliable and sustainable powers

The main areas of technological advancement, such as 5G, do not seem to be synonymous with green energy and can even frighten the most resistant. However, it is now possible to reconcile reliable and sustainable power with the increasingly strong demand for energy. How do we balance the various loads to grid and the amount of available power to maximize efficiencies? How will industries and households meet these expectations? Our Construction & Energy teams support the future of new energies in the US: net zero emissions, investments in solar and battery equipment storage, wind farms or local production of individual electricity. Isabelle has worked 25 years in the Construction world. She has en Engineering degrees obtained from Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées in Paris. She joined the insurance industry in 2001 as Construction Facultative underwriter with SCOR Business Solutions, managing strong lead placements around the world and developing the Engineering portfolio. She then developed in depth knowledge and practice of direct insurance through 8 years as Senior Underwriter and Practice leader at AXA Corporate Solutions in Paris. She is now back to SCOR Specialty Insurance as Global Head of Construction based in Zürich. Matthew is based in NYC. He arrived at SCOR six years ago as Manager for the North America Construction team. Prior to this, he was Vice-President for the Underwriting Energy & Construction team at Liberty and for the Property Facultative team at Swiss Re. He has a Bachelor degree in Finance from the Xavier University - William College of Business, Cincinnati. John Torres joined the SCOR Power & Energy Underwriting Team in Houston last January 2021. John started his career at Starr Insurance Companies as an Energy, Power Gen, and Construction Underwriter for over 6 years, his last position was Senior Underwriter for Latin America. He graduated with a Master's in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University.

Data driven systems in the P&C industry

With the rise of Big Data and the proliferation of data sources, companies have more and more data at their disposal. IoT and all the new technologies make it possible to collect a large amount of data. How to sort, classify and exploit them? Analytical technologies are more and more accessible and make it possible to take advantage of this data in order to create the most precise modeling solutions. Avoca Insurance Holdings is a privately held, independent company founded in Bermuda in January 2009. The company was established to start up, own, and operate highly specialized underwriting management companies. SCOR works jointly with Avoca to combine highly experienced underwriting talent with purpose-built technology and strong portfolio management controls. Danny joined Avoca at its foundation in January 2009 as CTO and has driven the development of ground breaking insurtech since then. In 2014, Danny joined the Avoca Holding Company board and with effect from Jan 1st 2018, Danny was appointed group COO in addition to his CTO role with responsibility for all group operations as well as technology development. In March 2021, Danny was appointed President of Avondale (a Avoca subsidiary) while maintaining his other duties for the Avoca Group. Derek is SVP Natural Catastrophe Manager of The Americas, he is specialized in Catastrophe Modeling - RMS, AIR, Statistical Analysis, databases, software development, networks. He arrived in SCOR seven years ago. Prior to this, he spent 5 years at Ascot Group as VP Exposure Management. Derek has a Master degree in Management Information Systems from the Northern Illinois University, and is still based in Chicago. Rob is also based in Chicago. He began his career with SCOR as Senior Vice President, Chief Pricing Actuary - Americas in 2015. He is today Senior Vice President Head of Innovation for SCOR’s Pricing & Modeling team. Prior to SCOR, he worked as Vice President Chief Pricing Actuary / Head of Agriculture Practice for Navigators Re. He graduated with a Bachelor in Mathematics and Political Science from the Northwestern University.

Testing Alzheimer's risks with Neotiv

In this episode, we are talking to Chris Rehse, founder and and CEO of Neotiv. Founded in 2017, neotiv has developed a digital assistant to monitor and aid the memory of patients with Dementia and Alzheimer's and focuses on improving the early detection of these conditions to facilitate efficacy monitoring, new therapies, and early intervention and prevention of brain health. Relevant for medical underwriting and post-purchase prevention and intervention measures, neotiv's medical platform presents cognitive tests to track cognitive changes in memory and visual information over time. The company also focuses on research, diagnostics and drug development for these conditions.

Forecast and identify the emerging risks with Praedicat

What if AI and Big Data meet foresight? Praedicat in partnership with SCOR, offers a forward looking emerging risk model. Through this podcast we are going to understand how this tool works and how it can help our Casualty team to develop their relationship with the clients. Why is there a lag in the casualty catastrophe models compared to the property market? What are the main advantages from a casualty underwriting perspective but also from a claim perspective? The time savings and risk reduction enabled by Praedicat also make it possible to start new conversations and projects with clients. Maura Haynes, a US citizen and Argentinian, joined SCOR in 2016 and was promoted to US GL Team Leader in 2019. She has over 20 years of experience in the insurance and reinsurance industry. Prior to SCOR, Maura worked at Swiss Re in various underwriting capacities. Maura graduated from Central Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She has also achieved an MBA from Northwood University. Steven Strauss has been appointed as US Deputy Team Leader for Casualty. Before 2014, Steven was the Vice President of Business Development at Berkley Program Specialists. He was responsible for the generation of new business and the continuing development of existing relationships with a growing portfolio of Program Administrators. Steven is gaduated from Lake Forest College, in Illinois. Emale Laurant is Vice President, Accumulation Team Lead for the Global Casualty lines related to the processes ranging from supporting the Global and Legal Entity accumulations of risks. He has been working at SCOR for 5 years, before he was Risk Actuary at AIG and XL Group. Emale is graduated from Trinity College-Hartford, Connectitut, with a BS Degree option Mathematics and Chemistry.

Tackling fertility with femtech Ava

Global fertility has been declining at a fast pace. From 1990 to 2019, the fertility rate fell from 3.2 to 2.5 live births per woman. We are talking to Pascal Koenig, co-founder and board member of Ava about tackling infertility with science. Ava is clinically proven to identify both the opening and closing of the fertile window, letting you know your five best days to try for a baby. In a world where fertility is falling due to lower childhood mortality rates, access to birth control, and focus on career development for women and men, one in seven couples may have difficulties conceiving. With medical treatments being considerably expensive, Swiss startup Ava has created a wearable to identify a woman’s fertile window based on 3 million biomarkers.

1DOC3, the startup replacing Dr. Google

Did you know that in Latin America, for every thousand individuals, there are only two physicians? Imagine you are at home, feeling terribly sick but having no access to medical care. Colombian startup 1DOC3 is tackling this exact situation as the largest telemedicine provider in Latin America. There is no more Doctor Google. Today we are talking to Javier Cardona, co-founder, and CEO of 1DOC3. How does it work? 1DOC3 is connecting doctors with people who have health related questions with their AI-driven symptom checker and chat. With over 1.5 million users and 300.000 consults every month, 1DOC3's digital health platform providers individualised medical information to Spanish speakers in countries like Colombia and Mexico.

Introduction to ESG & focus on the (re)insurance industry

ESG, CSR, two terms that we hear more and more in our personal and professional lives. What do they stand for and why are they so important today in business strategies? Paul Nunn, Senior Advisor in charge of ESG strategy for SCOR P&C, introduces and differentiates these themes, with examples and use cases. He then explains the various innovations and trends that we will face in the near future from sustainable and social aspects, and with a focus on the (re)insurance industry. Green hydrogen, wind farms, energy efficiency, carbon capture, etc. If you are not yet comfortable with these topics, find out what they could bring to your business in this 15min podcast. Before his current position, Paul was responsible for pricing catastrophe risk on inwards business, and accumulation of catastrophe loss potential for natural hazard perils globally. Alongside his role at SCOR P&C, Paul is a director of the non-profit Oasis Loss Modelling Framework company, an open source platform for developing, deploying and executing catastrophe models. He is also actively participating in the Insurance Development Forum working group on Risk Modelling & Mapping, which seeks to improve global understanding and quantification of disaster risk, particularly in developing countries.

Making healthcare human with an operating system with The CareVoice

With a population of 1.4 billion people, China has seen half a century of rapid growth as the second largest economy in the world. Despite 95% of the population has basic health insurance coverage, many are turning to private health insurance, a market estimated to exceed spending of one trillion dollars in 2020. Today we are talking to Sebastien Gaudin, co-founder, and CEO of The Carevoice, a tech-driven startup which has created a healthcare operating system which connects insurers, pharmacies, physicians, hospitals and care providers, and the pharma industry to care and cure patients. As you will hear, Sebastian and I faced the challenges of working from home, so the quality of the call reflects this. We hope you enjoy the episode.

P&C Ventures: SCOR Global P&C’s Approach to Insurtech Investments & Partnerships

Will Thorne, Will Bird and Dana Cullen of P&C Ventures host this week’s SCOR Innovation Podcast, discussing the team’s origins, investment theses, activities and the launch of their new three year strategy: Ventures 2.0. Will Thorne is the Head of P&C Ventures. Will has a background in both (re)insurance underwriting and start-ups. He is a frequent advisor & angel investor in his personal capacity and was the founding chair of the UK Insurtech Board. Will Bird is an Associate based in Chicago. Will focuses on investment & partnership opportunities in the Americas. His previous experience includes corporate venture capital and strategy at a leading U.S. personal lines insurer. Dana Cullen is an Innovation Associate based in London. Dana has a background in actuarial pricing and epidemiology, having previously worked for SCOR Global Life, and focuses on the development and execution of Insurtech MGA/carrier partnerships.

Transforming the biopharma industry with quantum computing with Menten AI

The mean cost of developing a new drug has been the subject of debate for many years. A recent study conducted by the London School of Economics estimates a range from 314 million USD to 2.8 billion. And despite the costs varying across different disease areas, it is still a pricey and very lengthy process. In today's episode, we are talking to Tamás Görbe, co-founder and CSO of Menten.AI. Known as one of the most notorious startups using quantum computing in drug research and development. Backed by Y Combinator in 2020, the American startup accelerator which launched Airbnb or Dropbox. The startup uses machine learning and quantum computing to create the next generation of protein-based drugs and enzymes focused on rare diseases, neurological disorders, or viruses.

Building bridges with the Google Healthcare API

How is the cloud changing the face of healthcare? Launched in 2020, Google Cloud’s healthcare solutions tackle some of the biggest pain points such as interoperability and security to support data-driven decision-making and ultimately, deliver better care. In this podcast episode, we are talking to Aashima Gupta, director of Global healthcare solutions at Google Cloud. In her current position as director of Global Healthcare solutions, she is accountable for driving healthcare strategy and solutions using AI, cloud services, APIs and mobile solutions. During her career, Aashima has focused on transformational healthcare in complex enterprise environments. 

Cyber (re)insurance in the US: a market in transition

2020 has been a challenging year for cyber (re)insurance. Rise in ransomware claims and swelling loss ratios caused (re)insurers to review their cyber appetite, triggering correction in rates and reduction in available capacity. What have been the most notable developments in 2020 and where are we headed in 2021? To find out, listen to our 3rd Property & Casualty episode, where Bill Kaplan, Global Casualty Chief Underwriting Officer for Cyber Liability and Margaret Rose, Head of Financial Lines Americas for Specialty Insurance, share their views on insurance and reinsurance cyber markets in the US. Bill joined SCOR six years ago as the Professional Liability Team Leader. Prior to this, he spent 3 years at Protective Re as Director of Professional Liability Treaty. Bill has an MBA in Finance from the Loyola University of Chicago, and is still based in Chicago. Margaret is based in NYC. She began her career with SCOR as an underwriter for Professional Liability and Cyber in 2017. Previously, she worked as an underwriter for Axis and Tokyo Marine. She has also an MBA in Finance, from the New York University.

Harnessing AI and tech against diabetes with One Drop

Diabetes is rising worldwide. Today, over 425 million people have diabetes and projections predict that by 2045, there will be 700 million people with this condition. And despite diabetes can be treated, prevented or delayed with diet, physicial activity, medication and regular screening, every year more than 1.6 million deaths are attributed to the condition. Today we are talking to Jeff Dachis, founder, chairman and CEO of One Drop, a company taking a data approach to help people with diabetes to manage and improve their blood-sugar levels through actionable insights. One Drop combines clinical science, advanced AI, and data points to give those with diabetes, high cholesterol, prediabetes, and high blood pressure the opportunity to make changes that last.

Chasing unicorns with Baloise

Today we are talking to Sibylle Fischer, Director of Strategic Venturing and Startup Scouting of Baloise. The Swiss insurer, which is known in the market for its insurance and banking products, also chasing unicorns in the insurtech space. Despite having a tradition of 150 years, the insurer has worked intensely on its digital agenda for the past years, with activities ranging to traditional venture capital investment to venture building, ecosystem development, and partnerships with startups beyond the life and health scope. Let’s explore their experience in the past years and the direction ahead with Sibylle Fischer.

2021 Renewal Season in the P&C Reinsurance US Market

Nick Nudo, CUO for North America Property & Casualty Reinsurance @ SCOR, recaps the 2021 January renewals to help you get ready for what's next.

2020 in Review - Key Trends in the US P&C Reinsurance Market

In the 1st ever P&C episode John Jenkins, ​​​​​​Head of the Americas Property & Casualty @SCOR, looks back on the market trends that played a role in US reinsurance in 2020.

Using data to fight mental and chronic conditions in Asia with Holmusk

As we share our last episode of 2020 and prepare for an exciting new year, we are talking to Bernd Müller, creator of this podcast and head of SCOR Life and Health ventures about the podcast, his favorite episodes, and the biggest lessons learned this year. After this, we tackle mental health. According to the World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. On average, mental disorders reduce life expectancy by 10 to 25 years in patients with severe mental disorders, as most of these deaths are due to chronic physical medical conditions including cardiovascular problems, diabetes, or infection diseases. Today we are talking to Paul Feldhausen from Holmusk, a tech driven Singapore-based startup focused on reversing chronic disease and behavioral health issues through EHR, data analytics and digital therapeutics.

Applying language intelligence to insurance data with Sorcero

During 2020, we have gone through an immense amount of change, uncertainty, and disruption. The current pandemic has shown us the accelerated pace of scientific discovery; from vaccines to long term health consequences after Covid-19, every day there are new revelations impacting directly and indirectly our industry. In this episode we talked to Dipanwita Das, co-founder and CEO of Sorcero, a company ususing cognitive technology to interpret language and consider the meaning and context of information from its origin to its cross-industry applications. Instead of fully automating processes and workflows, Sorcero uses AI to build knowledge based on their clients' knowledge systems and ontologies, and to integrate new information into these existing systems.

Outcome + Price + Experience: the mix to find the right doctors with DocDoc

Have you ever wondered if the physician you are meeting is the most qualified? What about having the right experience precisely for the condition you have, if the previous patients recovered successfully, or had a positive experience? Choosing a care doctor is one of the most important decisions we make when it comes to our health. Our complex healthcare systems evolve. But who is helping patients and policyholders to navigate them? We are talking to Grace Park, co-founder and president of DocDoc, who inspired by her own personal story created the largest doctor discovery company in Asia. DocDoc empowers patients to make the best healthcare decisions through data, with transparency and fairness. You can subcribe to the SCOR Life and Health Innovation podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or wherever you listen to our conversations to be the first one to list to our new episodes. Have a speaker in mind or want to share your insights with us? Send us a message to lhventures@scor.com wth your thoughts.

From paying procedures to outcomes: the insurance approach of Sami

End of October 2020 marked a milestone for the Brazilian startup ecosystem: Sami became the most funded Series A startup after raising $15.5 million USD from international investors including Valor, Redpoint, and Monashees. In the latest episode of the SCOR Life and Health Innovation Podcast, we are talking to Luiz Guilherme Berardo, co-founder and CEO of Sami. The start-up aims to redesign the health care industry in Brazil with technology by driving payments through patient outcome. In Sami’s model, data exchange allows us to realign care incentives and pay providers based on the health of patients and not on a fee-for-service. With over 200 thousand users, Sami is challenging their status quo and putting patients in the center.

Getting paid to take your pills? The Wellth Approach with Matthew Loper

Around 75% of Americans have trouble taking their medication as directed according to the New England Health Care Institute. Today we’re talking to Matthew Loper, co-founder and CEO of Wellth, an American startup based in Los Angeles, which is using behavioural economics to inspire positive behaviour change for patients with chronic health conditions. In their app, Wellth uses financial incentives to overcome present bias and motivate patients to adhere to their daily care plans and improve their health. The impact on the insurance industry? Saving health plans and providers billions on avoidable costs in high risk populations, including those in Medicare and Medicaid.

Investing in Building Business with Transamerica

After more than 20 years in the innovation ecosystem, Georg Schwegler, CEO of Transamerica Ventures, has been in the venture capital industry in telecommunications, R&D, marketing and innovation research. How is this experience relevant to investing in startups and what’s the strategy behind Transamerica ventures?

Insurtech Israel - discovering a new hot spot for health with Gil Arazi

Tel Aviv is a hotspot for innovation and more than ever also for health. We had an exciting conversation with Gil Arazi, co-founder and partner of FinTLV. Investor and connector, Gil is has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and is behind deals like the latest $150M investment round of insurtech, Hippo.

Digital Transformation, an assessment by Bitkom

In this episode, we’re talking to Fabian Nadler, head of digital insurance and insurtech at Bitkom, Germany’s largest digital association bringing together SMEs, startups, and virtually all global players. We explore the German startup ecosystem, how cross-industry cooperations are enriching customer journeys in established worlds, and how data can be a turning point for privacy-driven German customers.

Mental health with Sentio Solutions

In this episode, we talk to George Eleftheriou, co-founder and CEO of Sentio Solutions. Sentio partners with SCOR in Germany to offers clients of disability insurance portfolios to build better and lasting emotional health. Based in San Francisco, the company developed its own propritary sensor to quantify emotional states and combine it with evidence-based techniques to deliver mental health support 24/7.