Towards Carbon Neutrality: Offshore wind, the basics for the next generation (Part 1/3)

In this episode we are pleased to welcome back Nicholas, 10 years old today, this schoolboy curious about renewable energies who had already accompanied us in an episode dedicated to Hydrogen, which you can also find on this channel. Nicholas is telling us "I think that I’ve heard that one hour of collecting power is just enough to produce energy for one light, or maybe not one light, but one or two homes out of millions. So my thoughts are a little negative towards them and investing in them but I would really like to understand more about this and possibly convinced that they are a good solution for the future."
In this conversation today, GQ Xu & Lionel Kpoze will aim to convince Nicolas of the features and advantages of Offshore Wind, but also to understand its operation and its future, and how this energy is green and beneficial for the environment.

GQ Xu is New Energy Practice Head, based in London. After obtained PhD degree in Geotechnics in 2007 from University of Nottingham, GQ started his career as an offshore engineer with various companies with different roles, from offshore geotechnical engineer, senior project manager, principal engineer to head of renewable within a leading certification body. He has worked on various offshore wind farm projects worldwide, including offshore Europe, Taiwan, mainland China, Japan and USA. GQ joined SCOR’s London office in April 2019 as an offshore wind underwriter with responsibility for SCOR’s portfolio of offshore wind farms, and he has recently been promoted as New Energy Practice Head, with overall responsibility to grow SCOR’s portforlio in low carbon sector. He has been elected as co-chair for JRNC Offshore Wind Committee and also member of LMC Renewable Energy Committee, actively involved in drafting the latest insurance clauses for renewable energy.

Lionel Kpoze is a Senior Onshore Construction & Offshore Wind Underwriter at SCOR, based in Houston. He graduated from ENSEM (Nancy, France) in 2002 with a Master’s Degree in Engineering specializing in Fluid Mechanics. He also holds a business management degree at IAE-Sorbonne Business School and has completed the Advanced Diploma of the Chartered Insurance Institute. Lionel has 10 years’ experience in the offshore industry first as  Field engineer (Schlumberger, Baker Hughes) on drilling rigs and then as Installation engineer (SAIPEM). He has worked in many places in Africa, the Middle East and the US. He joined SCOR in early 2012 as underwriter for the Energy entity. He’s been underwriting offshore wind projects since 2015.