Innovative Cancer Screening Solution

This episode hosted by Rebecca Zhang, Chief Partnership Officer for South Asia at SCOR Life,  explores an innovative cancer screening solution and preventive healthcare concepts by Bowtie Life Insurance Company - Hong Kong’s very first virtual insurer. Our guest Jacky Lio, Chief Medical Officer at Bowtie, explains how they want to engage customers on preventive health programs to have a better long term health outcome.

In his role as Chief Medical Officer, Jacky Lio plays a crucial role in driving collaborative partnerships with healthcare providers and setting the vision for Bowtie's customer health experiences. Trained in the UK as a Specialist in Acute Medicine and with over 10 years of service in the NHS, Jacky passionately believes in the universal need for basic healthcare protection. Jacky brings his medical knowledge to shape Bowtie’s products to ensure they are relevant, affordable, and accessible – helping it achieve its mission to address the health protection gap in Hong Kong.
Rebecca Zhang is the Chief Partnership Officer for South Asia at SCOR Life, responsible for developing relationships with priority clients, generating new business opportunities and facilitating new product and solution development. Rebecca first joined SCOR Hong Kong in 2016 and has worked in both Pricing and Marketing roles, focusing on product development and client management. Prior to SCOR, Rebecca worked in Toronto with both traditional roles such as consultancies and insurance companies, and non-traditional roles such as being one of the first members of the NMG North American practice, and as a senior leader at a listed P2P insurtech startup. Rebecca is a frequent speaker at insurance events and has keen interest in developing partnership opportunities with insurtech and digital health companies.

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