The refinery of the future

Like never before in their histories, petroleum companies and refineries are facing major challenges, but they are also facing opportunities. On the one hand, demand for oil and its derivatives is predicted to grow further over the coming years, before dropping due to the energy transition, while oil products, will still play a major role in the energy consumption mix for decades. On the other hand, refineries are carbon-intensive and the use of refining products produces large quantities of CO2. In the meantime, digitalisation and smart technologies are transforming our daily lives, and industrial applications are constantly being developed, adding another challenging transformation for refineries. Refineries are responding to these disruptions by innovating. Onshore energy insurers are adapting too, to be able to support their clients. DISCOVER OUR TECHNICAL NEWSLETTER ABOUT THE REFINERY OF THE FUTURE Today our guest, Michel Krenzer has over 25 years experience in the insurance sector. After working for Foster Wheeler in Paris as a Chemical Engineer, he joined UAP Large Corporate Risks as a Loss Prevention Engineer. He then moved to Oil & Gas underwriting at Sorema in 1995. He moved to London in 1999 to start up a facultative branch office for Sorema before joining SCOR in 2001. He started at SCOR UK as Senior Energy Underwriter and has had various managerial positions within the Large Corporate Risks division of SCOR Global P&C. He was appointed Onshore Energy Manager for Paris and London offices in 2009 and was appointed Global Leader - Onshore Leader in 2018.