Democratizing access to mental healthcare with ifeel

A study from Oxford University found that mental illnesses can reduce life expectancy by up to 20 years, which is the equivalent of heavy smoking. In the life and health insurance industry, mental health has been placed as a high priority on the agendas of all players. In this episode, we talk to Pilar Santamaria, SCOR Head of Western Europe and LatAm and Amir Kaplan, CEO of ifeel, on why both companies are joining forces in the mental healthcare space to innovate together in Iberia. Ifeel is a Madrid based startup focused on democratizing access to mental healthcare. Their approach is fully aligned with SCOR Global Life’s purpose of helping people to live longer and healthier lives. For SCOR, this is a unique opportunity to work closely with a company that has a distinguished value proposition which complements our business and our client’s activities. The ifeel platform and related app provides users with peace of mind by offering a convenient solution to the pressing issue of mental illness that has been accelerated by the pandemic. Mental health problems are among the ten leading causes of disability in both developed and developing countries.