Introduction to ESG & focus on the (re)insurance industry

ESG, CSR, two terms that we hear more and more in our personal and professional lives. What do they stand for and why are they so important today in business strategies? Paul Nunn, Senior Advisor in charge of ESG strategy for SCOR P&C, introduces and differentiates these themes, with examples and use cases. He then explains the various innovations and trends that we will face in the near future from sustainable and social aspects, and with a focus on the (re)insurance industry. Green hydrogen, wind farms, energy efficiency, carbon capture, etc. If you are not yet comfortable with these topics, find out what they could bring to your business in this 15min podcast. Before his current position, Paul was responsible for pricing catastrophe risk on inwards business, and accumulation of catastrophe loss potential for natural hazard perils globally. Alongside his role at SCOR P&C, Paul is a director of the non-profit Oasis Loss Modelling Framework company, an open source platform for developing, deploying and executing catastrophe models. He is also actively participating in the Insurance Development Forum working group on Risk Modelling & Mapping, which seeks to improve global understanding and quantification of disaster risk, particularly in developing countries.